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Click on Rose to learn about Christian Counseling Services for you and your family in Smyrna, Tennessee near Nashville.  The counselor is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Therefore, many insurance plans will cover the cost of counseling.  Ask about scaled fees.  Call 615-438-4259   
The stress of living in today's world tears families apart and breaks down our efforts to cope with life in a healthy way.  In an effort to cope with this stress, we do the opposite of the things we need to do to grow stronger and build each other up.  When we fail, shame causes us to isolate even more.  Our website will take you to resources which are soothing and healthy, spiritually uplifting, and wholesome.  Hopefully, you will find here the links to personal growth and healing for you and your family.
Pali Hawaii Sandals
Click on Angel to go to a website where you can get Christian Professional Counseling.  Read about the services of this group. 
Look for Dodie Williams, MS, LPC on this website and select her as your counselor and select journal counseling as your form of counseling.  Take all the time and space you want to journal or write about your problem, when it began, what you have tried to solve your issues.  Dodie will respond to you within 48 hours and journals can be sent back and forth to continue your counseling over time until you feel some resolution to your issues.
Click on Rose to learn about wonderful soft, therapeutic sandals which you can wear for almost any purpose.  They are the most comfortable shoes you ever put on your feet.  Great for house shoes, water sports, beach wear, yard work, or to clean up and wear shopping or to church.  Be sure to look for the link on this page to learn about other great styles.
Learn about wonderful hand crafted jewelry made with lots of love by a friend of mine, Ilene Vick.  You can order what she has already made or you can work with her to have a unique creation done just for you.  Also, Ilene has a website where you can learn about all kinds of Christian businesses and resources.  Email her and she can tell you all about both the jewelry and the ministry.
Original Poems, Decorated and Framed
Click on Rose to the left to email us and learn about framed inspirational prints for special occasions.  These are classic and originally created poem which have come out of years of experience with counseling patients in a Christian setting.  Dodie Williams has created poetry for your wife, your mother, father, sister, etc.  They are decorated with angels, flowers or scrapbook items depicting something important to your loved one.  Work with this author to create something special for your loved one for a special occasion.  There are several pages of prints so be sure to look at the bottom of the page for a link to continue to the next page.
Click on Angel to the left to go to a website where you will learn about a company which is not going anywhere....solid....on Nasdaq since 1988.  Dr. Carl Hastings is Vice President for Research and Development and has patents on several of the products.  Dr. Hastings is known by the world of nutritional science as one of the leaders in the field.  When you go to this website, please explore all the products and the testimonials from people whose lives have been changed by these products.  But also, please either back up to get back to this site or save my contact information as you will need my distributor number to order products and you will need to contact me to let me help you learn how to use the products to mix them etc.  My phone is 615-462-6743.  My Reliv Distributor number to order products is 250263101.  The company will create a customer ID number for you from that distributor number so that when you call in the future, you can give them your own customer number.
Healing Angel, Healing products and services
Healing Angel, Healing Products and Services
Online Christian Counseling
Handcrafted Spiritual Theme Jewelry
Reliv Nutritional Products
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Click on rose to the left to browse and purchase new and used books and recycled household items.  Some furniture may also be available from time to time.  There may also be some used Womens size clothing.
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